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Next meeting 5th October 2016


Farmoor Photography Group

2016 - 2017

We meet on the first Wednesday of each month
at 7:30 in Farmoor Village Hall, OX29NS

Not a ‘camera club’ but a group of ordinary sociable folk all enthusiastically interested in the different aspects of
‘No Rules’ photography.

Our next meeting will be Wednesday October 5th 2016

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News from the September 2016 meeting.

Unusally this meeting was held on a Saturday however we had a very good attendance with not too many folk off to Sainsbury or Tesco's doing thier weeks shopping.

The meeting was interesting as we had a 'guess the photographer' quiz where members tried to match images to thier creators, we managed to get around 50% right so not bad really.

The summer challenge of 'Bicycle' proved to be interesting with many varied ideas on the theme.

 It is at the members request that the pictures are NOT published on this web site. All the pictures for the challenges are shared in our normal monthly meetings with a few being published in the Cumnor Parish News a high quality monthly parish magazine.

The September challenge is 'Water', a pretty boreing subject title but one that will bring many fantastic picture to the club at our October meeting.


News from the June 2016 meeting.

This was the last meeting of the 2015/2016 season and was part AGM and discussion with the showing of the May rustic challenge pictures after the break.

The creativity of the members nevers stops amazing me with regards to the challenge submissions and again this month we were not disappointed with both the quality and quantity of the members work.

We are now in our summer recess with the summer challenge confirmed as 'Bicycles'. These images will be shown on the first meeting of the 2016/2017 season on September 10th.

News from the May 2016 meeting

The April meeting's challenge brought a great selection of subjects and at a higher than normal standard of competence and quality. Well done everyone who took part.

The theme for our May challenge is 'Rustic' so plenty of scope here for creativity, and  this will be our final exhibition challenge of this season.

Our June meeting, the next one, will be a discussion/social evening for those who wish to continue to be members of the group next season and or any potential new members. It was suggested last night that at the June meeting we discuss the content of the meetings and the themes of the challenges for the next season so as to fulfill the members needs better. This will make the club stronger and more enjoyable as each meeting and challenge should again be something to look forward to.

That’s it for now – think Rustic

If you were thinking of joining us in September for the 2016 – 2017 season then please note that the first meeting will be held on Saturday 10th September 2016 at 2:00pm in Farmoor Village Hall. The rest of the year we will meet on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm as normal until the last meeting in June 2017. Did you know that you may join us for just one meeting at a time if you wish? So why not pop in on Saturday 10th September and take a look at what we do and meet the group?

News from the April 2016 meeting

Aprils meeting got off to a great start with everyone eager to share the prints they had brought for the critique session. The 'musical chair's' type critiques sessions work really well as we get to have up to three reviews of each members work. Whilst some members managed to get a bit side tracked the overall conversations were wholly photography related.

Although the March challenge was quite difficult the entries were really interesting and of the usual high standard with a few of the more experienced members work standing out once again.

News from the March 2016 meeting

 This month’s news starts with the February challenge; this was to produce black and white pictures without photographing black and white subjects. This seemed to be a simple challenge but everyone needed to think in black and white whilst seeing in colour. The good news is that we had over 70 entries with subjects captured as far afield as elephants in Africa, a boat in Budleigh Salterton, Rugby cement works and a bridge in Christ Church Meadows. We also saw portraits, pylons and alley ways, along with show girls and a landscape of Catbells in the Lake District. Some of the pictures are shown here.

 The March challenge is a technical challenge and is all about using a camera in manual mode. The challenge is to produce pictures using two manual settings, 1/100 sec @ F4. Now we all did this with film cameras but the question is have we lost the skill to use a camera in manual mode even if the modern camera would allow it?

 News from the February 2016 meeting

The evening started off with several talks by members about their own photography, these were very interesting with images from South Africa and commercial product/ advertising photographs.

The main event is always the challenge pictures and this month we saw the January challenge of 'a single colour' with some excellent pictures and idea's being presented.

News from the January 2016 meeting

January saw a practical evening photographing jewelry. The jewelry was supplied by Sue and Jan who had hand crafted the items we photographed. The second part of the evening was dedicated to looking at pictures from our December challenge of 'longer than a second'. This produced some really excellent pictures and really brought out the creativity in the group.

email Colin (at) farmoorpg.co.uk

The group is non competitive as we do not have competitions or the scoring of our work.

We all do it for the fun and enjoyment whatever our ability.

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